1What is a profile?
In basic terms a profile is a digital recreation of a piece of analog gear
2What hardware do I need?
You need the Kemper Profiling Amp, more info here: https://www.kemper-amps.com
3How do I get ValveIR profiles on my Kemper?
Once you make a purchase you will be emailed some links to download your chosen profiles.
4How close are the profiles to the real amp?
Extremely close, Kemper were the first to create a profiling amplifier so their process is extremely well refined.
5Do the profiles include a speaker or are they direct from the amp?
We provide profiles with built in cabs (Studio Profiles) to ensure a perfect amp / cab combo. In addition you get the raw amp profiles (Direct Profiles) as well so you can try different cabs with the amps.
6How many profiles do I get?
You will get several different present amp modes, dependant on how many channels and options the amp has. Generally we will do three key sounds Clean / Crunch / High Gain. In between tones are achieved by adjusting the profile parameters.