Premium Kemper profiles to supercharge your Kemper profiling amplifier.

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Specializing In Unique Kemper Profiles

At ValveIR our point of difference is strive to profile the most unique amp setups we can get our hands on. Wether that be a rare and expensive boutique amplifier or a uniquely modified take on a classic. Our goal is to give our customers their own sound with profiles that are totally unique and distinct from standard offerings.



  • Mark
    Excellent profiles, very accurate. Looking forward to trying the other offerings.
  • Andrew
    This sounds exactly like the Dark Terror I used to own. The ability to use the cabs that ValveIR profiled or my own cabs gives a lot of versatility
  • Matze
    All profiles here are superb!!
  • Scott Austin
    "I couldn't believe how good these were, recording my whole new album with the Boogie Mark IV pack!"
    Scott Austin